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  • Wood & Metal Cutting


Diablo’s jig saw blades are designed for superior performance and longer cutting life in wood, metal and plastics. This 20-piece set features a range of blades, including bi-metal for clean wood, nail-embedded wood, metal and plastics; high carbon steel for soft woods, and high speed steel for metal. Each blade included in this set is optimized to deliver effortless, clean cuts. T-shank design fits all combo and most U-shank cordless and corded jig saws.


  • 20-Piece Wood and Metal Set provides up to 48% in savings
  • Optimized body designs for fast, clean cuts in wood and longer cutting life in metals
  • T-shank design fits all combo and most U-shank jig saws
  • Maximum performance in cordless and corded jig saws


Set Contents

  • (1) DJT308BFP
  • (2) DJT101BR
  • (3) DJT101AO
  • (3) DJT101D
  • (3) DJT101B
  • (2) DJT345XF
  • (2) DJT118A
  • (2) DJT118B
  • (2) DJT118G

20 pc T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set for Wood & Metal

  • For an accurate price and availability please submit a quantity with your quote request as not every item is guaranteed in stock.

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