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An environmentally safe, non-toxic microbial formulation for bioremediation where use of surfactants is prohibited.

* Surfactant Free

* Safe for remediation of contamination in ground water, creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes



Micro-Blaze® Non-Formulated is an environmentally safe, non-toxic microbial formulation used for bioremediation where the use of surfactants are not desired or permitted.  It is used primarily in contaminated groundwater clean-up, as well as in and around surface water, such as creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes.  It contains the same microbes as our Micro-Blaze® Emergency Liquid Spill Control, just in greater population quantity and without any surfactants.

The numerous strains of microbes in Micro-Blaze® Non-Formulated break down, degrade and digest organic waste.  The residue and and run-off can be safely sent to the facility WWTP.


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